Industrial Services


Engineering Job Works Services

The very important part of our organization is set up and teamwork with unity, so appreciable out-put will be achieved by our workforce. Our team has good experience and working spirit for giving-achieving perfection of work. Our workforce consists of skilled - experienced workers.

We undertake job work contract which includes:
. Supply of suitable manpower along with trained supervisors
. Achieving production target on hourly basis
. Manufacturing components according to the required quality and quantity Cost reduction in consumables
. Increase in productivity

We are inviting all interested parties for heavy lathe job work from Gujarat Regions. We are doing heavy lathe work with in gujarat and outside gujarat also with customized products and delivering lath work with in time as per Requirement.

Conveyor Roller Services

Reconditioned conveyor system rollers that can significantly increase the quality of material handling on your conveyor roller systems.Reconditioned conveyor rollers include powered live rollers, chain driven sprocketed rollers, sensor rollers, chemical resistant and coated rollers. With just a couple of pieces of information, we can make a Reconditioned conveyor roller to fit your needs. NGA Reconditioned powered live rollers include economy conveyor rollers, high-speed precision conveyor rollers and special FS Series, and FS Series tapered conveyor rollers. All Reconditioned rollers can be custom sized and fitted to meet your material handling requirements on conveyor systems throughout your environment.

Types of conveyors we Refurnished:
. Conveyor Rollers
. Stainless Steel Rollers
. Precision Rollers
. Semi-Precision Rollers
. Plastic Rollers
. Tapered Rollers
. Sprocketed Rollers
. Special Purpose Rollers
BENEFITS of Reconditioned rollers
. Rollers are corrosion resistant
. Easy to install Spring loading both ends makes installation a snap
. Extremely long bearing life ABEC 1 bearing gives extremely long bearing life
. Reduced noise levels ABEC 1 bearing reduces overall noise levels
. High load and speed capabilities ABEC 1 bearing gives high load and speed capabilities

NGA Group also engages in all type of Flanges according to Flanges Manufacturer's Specification.

Types Of Flanges Job Work:
. Slip-On Flanges
. Weld-Neck Flanges
. Long Weld Neck Flanges
. Socket-Weld Flanges
. Threaded Flanges
. Lap Joint Flanges
. Plate Flanges
. Orifice Flanges
. RTJ Flanges
. Spectacle Blinds